Nerve & Tendon Re-construction Surgeries

The nerves and tendons in our hands are hugely responsible for the function and movement of our hands and other appendages. When these nerves and tendons are damaged, our daily activities are significantly reduced.

Once it has been established that there is severe damage to either a nerve or tendon in the hand or wrist, the injury to determine the best plan for treatment. Candidates for hand, nerve, or tendon surgery will probably have injuries that resulted in the tearing or splitting of a tendon or nerve.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from a severe nerve or tendon injury in your hand, surgery maybe your best option. Because nerves and tendons repair themselves very slowly, you should seek out a hand reconstruction surgeon to surgically facilitate the healing or repair it using nerve allograft. This means there’s no donor site needed from your body and the nerve can be repaired using donor tissue.

A cut tendon or nerve will not be able to heal without surgery. In the case of nerve repair, nerve fibres grow slowly and may grow about one inch every month after a nerve is surgically repaired peripheral nerve surgery and is experienced with using the latest technology. It can also take a long time for tendons to work well again. Once the nerves are reconnected, there may be numbness, discomfort, or a “pins and needles” feeling during recovery.

It can also take a long time for tendons to work well again. You will be referred to an experienced hand therapist after tendon repair to ensure optimal function of the repaired tendon.

After surgery, it will be imperative to follow the specific instructions provided to you. The area that was operated on will need to be protected but also exercised to limit stiffness and speed up recovery.